Google - be aware of your Google presence

25 Jun 2018

Google is by far the most poplar, and powerful, search engine out there. It is estimated that Google now processes 40,000 search queries every second! With so many users, having a Google presence is becoming essential for businesses.

Although you may think you don’t have or need a Google listing, Google may have already identified your business and automatically generated a Google My Business listing. Google My Business listings are shown on Google maps. When users search for your business the My Business page details opening hours and location which can be used to direct users to your address.

Therefore it is of paramount importance to review the details on your Google My Business listing and ensure they are correct. We recently spotted a Prime client had their office marked as “permanently closed” on Google which could have discouraged customers, prospects or suppliers from contacting them.

We would encourage all businesses to “Google” their business and search on Google Maps, you might be surprised to see that you already have a listing. If you do it is recommended to claim the business, a button is available on the page to do this.

For more information or to set up a Google My Business listening please click here