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Prime About Prime

October 2012

Kevin Johns

16 Oct 2012

Fit Quote

The growing team at FIT Quote are quickly establishing themselves as the only competitive quote sourcing company in the Fitness Industry. This along with their years of industry experience, knowledge of fitness equipment and buying power allows them to offer the best known brands in health and fitness at unbeatable prices.

After quickly establishing themselves as the market leader in this specific area, industry recognition was further enhanced when FIT Quote became the official supplier of Lebert fitness equipment in early 2012. From this their business started to expand, and they quickly began to out grow their current accounting solution.

“When we started the business, we felt confident that we could maintain our own records and stay in control of the purchase and sales invoices. But as the business grew and the number of sales and purchases multiplied we started to explore different options to keep our records” said Managing Director Colin Carter.

Like many companies with an inconsistent system for chasing debts and following up on orders, some invoices managed to slip through the net of FIT Quote’s previous accounts department. It is for these reasons Colin was keen to find an outsourced accounting solution and made the decision to hand the day to day accounting responsibilities over to Prime.

“Our website was ready to take orders but in order to make sure the necessary accounting information could be extracted and processed in a cost effective way, we were introduced to a cloud based system called Xero, which with little manipulation, has allowed us to still have overall control without having to perform accounting tasks on a daily basis ourselves” said Colin.

“Before we were introduced to Xero, a lot of the planning for chasing debts and paying suppliers was done in my head and as a result, we are still following up on a few debtors now” Colin continues.

Having a strong business plan and positive cash flow is vital to the success of a business in the early stages, and this is where Prime director Kevin Johns strengths lie. By offering an adaptable accounting function unique for their business, FIT Quote have managed to save time which allows the team to concentrate on what they do best, and not suffer the burden of their accounting responsibilities. This flexible offer allows FIT Quote to only pay for what they need, and not get bogged down with an accounting solution that they don’t utilise.

“We are totally independent and are not tied to any brand, therefore can offer our customers impartial advice on the most suitable equipment for their facility. Prime has the same mentality to us in this sense; they offer the most suitable accounting system and the type of service has changed over time in line with our business; we outsource more to them and they also provide us with the tools to do certain things ourselves”

Prime now provide a wide range of services for FIT Quote and ensure that they receive not only the key numbers in terms of previous results, but quality information to make better informed business decisions in the future.

If you would like more information about a flexible accounting solution for your business, please contact us today. To see what fitness equipment is available from FIT Quote, please visit