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Prime About Prime

July 2012

Laurence Moore

23 Jul 2012

EPOS Hospitality Limited

Having already set up a UK subsidiary of our Russian parent company, we took the decision to completely outsource our entire accounting function.

We didn't want the responsibility of having to learn new legislation or have the worry that we may miss a deadline and be fined. We wanted peace of mind it was all going to be dealt with by competent, experienced people.

We were introduced to Prime and now have a solution we know will mean that our legal obligations are fulfilled, but more importantly, give us access to regular financial management information so we can measure the performance of our UK subsidiary.

Our UK suppliers now have a direct point of contact in the UK. Instead of their invoices being sent to us in Russia, they all go direct to Prime for processing.

They arrange for each purchase invoice to be scanned and attached to our online accounting system, which we can log into at anytime, wherever we are. We can then approve the invoices and the Prime team, using their accredited BACS bureau, make payment direct to our suppliers.

Our bank statements are regularly uploaded into our accounts system, and reconciled for us. 

Our payroll requirements are even taken care of - all we do is advise how much to pay and then all the calculations are done for us. Both the employee and HMRC are paid by Prime on our behalf.

At the end of the year, they will also prepare a set of accounts which take care of our statutory obligations.

To see what Prime can do for you, please contact us today.