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National Insurance

Whether you are an employer, employee, employed or self-employed, awareness of National Insurance contributions (NICs) is vital. And with strong enforcement powers and anti-avoidance legislation available to HMRC, ensuring that you comply with your National Insurance contributions is of paramount importance.

Our quick reference chart below gives a brief overview of current NI contribution rates.

2012/13 Class 1 (employed) contracted in rates:

Employee     Employer  
Earnings per week           NIC           Earnings per week        NIC
Up to £146 Nil*   Up to £144 Nil
£146.01 - £817 12%   Over £144 13.8%
Over £817 2%      

* Entitlement to contribution-based benefits retained for earnings between £107 and £146 per week.


 Class 1A (employers)  13.8% on employee taxable benefits
 Class 1B (employers)      13.8% on PAYE Settlement Agreements
 Class 2 (self-employed)  Flat rate per week £2.65 small earnings exception £5,595 p.a.
 Class 3 (voluntary)   Flat rate per week £13.25
 Class 4 (self-employed)         9% on profits between £7,605 and £42,475 plus 2% on profits over £42,475


National Insurance Contributions build up your entitlement to specific benefits such as the State Pension and the amount you pay depends upon how much you earn so it’s important to ensure that professional advice is sought and compliance properly dealt with.

Call Prime Today - we're here to help

From calculating your contributions and submitting your NICs to advising on pay packages that minimise tax and NIC, Prime has a team of experts who can provide help with any areas of concern regarding your National Insurance. Please contact us for further information.

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