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Company Protection

Any business, large or small, is likely to face the unexpected at some time but you can reduce this risk by planning ahead, giving your company protection for the future. Whether your business is an LLP, sole trader, partnership or limited company, Prime’s Company Protection schemes provide you with complete peace of mind and are designed to match your business and personal requirements:

Shareholder Protection

If you or another of your company’s shareholders were to die, who would the resultant shares be allocated to?

In many cases, the shares would be left to the deceased’s family as part of your estate. However if your spouse, or other family members, do not want the responsibility of running your business after your death, they may decide to sell your share of the business. This could result in a loss of control for the surviving shareholders if they weren’t in a position to purchase your shares.

Prime’s Shareholder Protection can ensure that, on the death of a shareholder, the remaining directors have the funds and agreement in place to purchase the deceased’s shares. This can enable a swift settlement to the estate and retain control of the company with the shareholders.

Further planning can be implemented that ensures Inheritance Tax is not paid unnecessarily on either the share value or the proceeds of sale of the shares.

Loan Protection

As a business partner, member or sole trader, have you considered how your business or partnership loan repayments would be met if you were taken critically ill or died? Prime Chartered Accountants can provide Loan Protection to suit your company’s structure and type of loan, ensuring that your obligations are met.

Key Person Protection

If your business relies on one or two key employees have you asked yourself what the cost to your business would be if they were to die or become critically ill? Many companies would list their business partners as their key people. However, it is worth considering the following questions to identify whose absence would have a significant impact on your company’s survival:

  • How easily could the business replace their expertise?
  • Would business growth or ongoing projects be affected?
  • Would you lose customer orders?
  • Are any loans or overdrafts dependent upon them?


Through Key Person Protection, Prime can help to minimise the impact on your business if your key people become ill or die. Contact us to discuss which type of cover would be appropriate to protect your company.

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