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Kevin Johns

Budget Seminars 2016

Need to know Budget seminar - join Prime to hear what exactly the Chancellor said and, more importantly, what did it actually mean and how this might affect you and your business.

Managing Absense

Recent surveys indicate that the adverse impact of absence on business profitability today is significant, with thousands of man hours lost every day. Recent statistics show that an average of 6.6 days are lost each year per employee with a median cost of £609 per employee. Approximately two-thirds of working time lost to absence is accounted for by short-term absences of up to seven days.
Kevin Johns

14 Nov 2015

Fraud and How to Spot It

Major corporate frauds and collapses hit the headlines from time to time and many of these were high profile and the amounts involved quite spectacular.

Big Bandage cake sale

We would like to welcome you to join us at our office in Solihull for coffee and a cake on Friday 10 July anytime between 1 - 2pm. The Prime team will be supporting the day by wearing bandages and some of our directors will be mummified. The Prime building will also be wearing a bandage - a 100 meter bandage wrapped around the exterior of the building!

Solihull apprenticeship event

The Solihull College and Solihull Chamber of Commerce Apprenticeship Event is taking place on Thursday 15 May at the College’s Blossomfield Road Campus between 3pm – 7pm.  Any local businesses interested in attending should contact Solihull Chamber of Commerce on 0121 781 7384,

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