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Jamie Skelding

Employee Expenses

This factsheet considers the operation and reporting of expenses and benefits. A new exemption regime for such expenses replaces the need to report these items on P11Ds as long as the necessary conditions are met. To meet the conditions the business must satisfy itself that the employee would be entitled to full tax relief on expenses reimbursed to the employee.

Year end tax planning slides

During this free hour long seminar we outlined top tax savings strategies that you can implement in time to reduce your tax bill. The slides can be found here.

Payroll Real Time Information

We set out below details of how payroll information has to be submitted to HMRC under Real Time Information (RTI).

Epayslips have gone mobile

Where Prime deals with your payroll function and you utilise our Epayslips facility your employees can now view their Epayslips on their smart phone. To do so then please follow our guidance document here.

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