Resource Centre

February 2013

Epayslips have gone mobile

Where Prime deals with your payroll function and you utilise our Epayslips facility your employees can now view their Epayslips on their smart phone. To do so then please follow our guidance document here.

Employer Provided Cars

The current regime for taxing employer provided cars (commonly referred to as company cars) is intended, to encourage manufacturers to produce cars which are more environmentally friendly and to give employee drivers and their employers a tax incentive to choose more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. We set out the main areas of importance in our attached fact sheet...

IT and Internet Terminology

Baffled by some of the phrases used in IT? Use our handy glossary to decipher IT and Internet terminology...

Data Security - Backup

Data backup is an essential security procedure and needs to be undertaken on a regular basis. There are a number of points to consider.