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June 2011

CGT and the Family Home

The capital gains tax (CGT) exemption for gains made on the sale of your home is one of the most valuable reliefs from which many people benefit during their lifetime. The relief is well known: CGT exemption whatever the level of the capital gain on the sale of any property that has been your main residence. In this factsheet we look at the operation of the relief and consider factors that may cause it to be restricted...

Travel and Subsistence Briefing

Travelling and subsistence expenditure incurred by the self-employed or by employees can give rise to many problems. This briefing highlights the main areas to consider in deciding whether tax relief is available on these expenses.

Corporation Tax Quarterly Instalments

Under corporation tax self assessment large companies are required to pay their corporation tax in four quarterly instalment payments. These payments are based on the company’s estimate of its current year tax liability. Note that the overwhelming majority of companies are not within the quarterly payment regime and pay their corporation tax nine months and one day after the end of their accounting period. We highlight below the main areas to consider if your company is affected by the quarterly instalments system...

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