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Childcare Services compensation

The government are offering compensation to those who have been affected by problems with the implementation of Tax-Free Childcare.

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6 Sep 2017

HMRC online forum and webchat

HMRC have announced the introduction of a new online tax forum and webchat service for small businesses.

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1 Sep 2017

Charities bound by new Fundraising Preference Service

A new service is now available for individuals who want to limit the contact they receive from charities. The Fundraising Preference Service...

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4 Aug 2017

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Solihull Chamber News Column - 24th August 2017

The Chamber’s Quarterly Business Report (QBR) always highlights some interesting information on what is happening in the business worl...

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24 Aug 2017

Solihull Chamber News Column - 10th august 2017

As Brexit becomes a reality, the Chamber of Commerce’s International Hub is stepping up its drive to encourage and help businesses to ...

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10 Aug 2017

Solihull Chamber News Column - 20th July 2017

I read recently that the amount of cyber-attacks targeting businesses has increased by more than half in the second quarter of 2017, accordi...

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20 Jul 2017

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Life Assurance

There are key stages in life when it would be prudent to review your life assurance in order to protect your family’s financial security as well as your own. Prime Chartered Accountants can provide life cover and financial advice to suit your circumstances no matter where you are in life:

  • If you are just starting out and buying your first home, making solid foundations now will help to ease your future.
  • Starting a family brings new responsibilities and the need to protect your loved ones’ futures.
  • You may be moving into a larger home with greater financial commitments and need to revise your life cover.
  • With children leaving home or going to university, you are probably at the peak of your earning potential. Now is the time to think about planning your retirement.
  • Once your children are financially independent and you have little or no mortgage commitment, it’s an ideal time to reassess your investments ready for retirement.
  • And once you have reached the end of your working life, you may want to consolidate your income for a long and happy retirement and ensure you leave your loved ones with few financial concerns.

Whether you are buying your first home or planning additional cover to your existing arrangements, Prime can help you select the right life assurance for you. 

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