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December 2013

Xero announce more features

Xero have announced yet more features to their award winning cloud based software recently.

Firstly, you can now email documents straight to your Files inbox! This will save you lots of hassle, particularly when it comes to forwarding bills you receive from suppliers. Xero have also made it possible to upload images straight from your camera. Devices with built-in cameras can now take a photo and upload it straight into Xero.

Also, keep an eye out for their nifty new icon that shows you how many files are attached to each item.

Next up is multiple email addresses for each contact which has been added due to popular demand. You can now associate up to five email addresses with a contact and when you don't want to use a contact's default email address, just choose one of the alternative email addresses from a list. Much easier than deleting the default address and typing in a new one!

There are also a host of other features including

  • Search for an address by contact when choosing a delivery address on a purchase order
  • An enhanced search option that lets you filter contact names, email addresses and postal addresses by keyword
  • A free-text reference on bank transfers so you can add more detail about why the transfer was made
If you would like to know more about Xero or to sign up to a free trial, please contact Jonathan Stobart at [email protected] alternatively if you are a Xero user and would like to know more about these and other features, why not join us at our seminar due to take place in the new year.