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Making your final PAYE report in real time for 2013/14

You need to ensure that you make your final real time submissions for 2013/14 tax year to avoid incurring penalties.

PAYE penalties

HMRC are to introduce further interest and penalties for the late submission of PAYE RTI returns and for late payment of PAYE liabilities. The penalties will be introduced as follows:

Staggered penalties for RTI

Following customer feedback HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have announced that they will be staggering the penalties imposed for the late filing of Real Time Information (RTI) returns.

Incorrect payment position for tax month 8

HMRC have advised that the Business Tax Dashboard is not showing the correct payment position for tax month 8 for some PAYE schemes. Therefore, some customers may notice that payments made to HMRC between 21 November 2013 and 16 January 2014 are not showing correctly on the Dashboard.

Student loan repayment threshold for tax year 2014/15

HMRC has confirmed that from 6 April 2014 the student loan threshold will rise from £16,365 to £16,910.

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