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Morgan Davies

VAT scam

There is a new scam around at the moment aimed at businesses.

Landlords – do you know what your tenant is using the building for?

“UK legislation effective from 1 October 2012 sought to charge VAT at the standard rate on “self-storage”. HMRC applied this to all storage, in the view of many completely incorrectly.

Tax rebate phishing scam

HMRC are warning taxpayers not to fall victim of scam emails sent by fraudsters. In 2012 taxpayers reported almost 80,000 tax rebate phishing emails and HMRC took action to close down 522 illegal sites.

HMRC target those with outstanding VAT returns

HMRC have introduced the VAT Outstanding Returns Campaign, which is an opportunity for taxpayers to bring their VAT returns and payments up to date. To take advantage of the best terms, taxpayers must complete and submit their returns by 28 February 2013.

VAT returns deadline

From 9 January 2013 HMRC will be embarking on a new campaign to chase businesses with outstanding VAT returns. Failure to submit a VAT return is an offence and penalties may be issued, in addition to the VAT you already owe.

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