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Laurence Moore

Pension 'Liberation'

The ICAEW have issued a warning that individuals are being approached by firms offering to help them ‘unlock’ their pensions or access them early. Some unscrupulous firms are using misleading information and in some cases offering personal loans or cash incentives to entice savers to cash in their pensions early. This is known as pension ‘liberation’. For further information use this link.

HMRC's most wanted tax fugitives

HMRC has published an updated list of their most wanted ‘tax fugitives’ and announced that a ‘fraudster’ has been apprehended at Heathrow Airport whilst travelling on a false passport, following almost ten years on the run.

Super Saturday for GPCC

“We counted them all out and counted them all back in” as a total of 13 riders and 3 support teams headed out on GPCC action last Saturday, 20th July.

Gold Postbox Cycle Challenge

Prime Accountants Group have nominated Macmillan Cancer Support as our sponsored charity and have many fundraising ideas planned for the forthcoming months.

Cyber attacks on small businesses rise

There has been a drastic rise in the number of Cyber attacks on small businesses this year.
According to research that questioned 1,402 UK organisations of all sizes in both public and private sector 63% of small businesses have been attacked by an “unauthorised outsider”. 9% of small businesses know that outsiders have stolen their intellectual property or confidential data in the last year (up from 4% a year ago).

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