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John Osborne

Pay up on time

A new guide ‘Get Paid!’ has been published. The guide which is aimed at smaller businesses contains tips and advice from both suppliers and customers. The guide covers advice on invoicing and developing a robust credit policy.

Business Records Check program suspended

HMRC has announced that its business records check (BRC) program is to be suspended until the new tax year, when they will implement a new approach.

HMRC to accept payments using Faster Payments Service

HMRC have announced that they will now accept payments made using the Faster Payments Service. This will allow taxpayers to make faster electronic payments, typically via the internet or using telephone banking, enabling them to be processed on the same or next day.

April VAT alert for businesses

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has issued an alert to VAT-registered businesses across the UK about important changes that come into effect this spring.

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