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March 2016

Kevin Johns

17 Mar 2016

The budget summary 2016

Please see our Budget Summary which summarises the main changes announced in the Chancellor’s speech. The summary will inform you of the fundamental changes and hopefully be a lighter read than the extensive list of government and HMRC press releases.

Our summary outlines the issues that are most likely to be of interest to you and your business. We have incorporated informative comments to enable you to consider the likely significance that the proposed changes may have on you.

The Chancellor’s speech uncovered and confirmed many of the figures fundamental to our business and personal lives, the main of which are summarised in this tax card. We are sure that you will find it a valuable tool to refer to throughout the coming tax year.

If you  would like to discuss the changes announced in the budget further or wish to seek advice on the best suited course of action for your personal or business affairs, please contact us on 02476 518 555 or 0121 711 2468