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July 2013

Super Saturday for GPCC

“We counted them all out and counted them all back in” as a total of 13 riders and 3 support teams headed out on GPCC action last Saturday, 20th July.

When all riders returned safely, 323 miles had been covered, another 6 gold postboxes had been “bagged” and the fundraising total had been boosted.

The three rides weren’t without incident though, with three punctures, four involuntary dismounts and one signed shirt along the way.

Route 5 was the first route to visit multiple post-boxes. Morgan Davies once again cast in the role of lead rider and the team was bolstered by two guest riders - John Clayton-Wright of Ashbourne Management Services and Alan Jones of Cranfield Business Recovery.

First stop was Cheltenham, followed by Newent and then finishing in Nailsworth, where the team were met by Pete Reed’s dad. Pete Reed MBE, part of the Men's Coxless Four, had very kindly donated a signed shirt for a raffle prize and the GPCC team were delighted and honoured to be presented with this great memento at the conclusion of their ride.

Thanks to the four postbox sponsors on this route - Mazurek Optical Services Ltd, Cranfield Business Recovery, Ashbourne Management Services and by AE Oscroft & Sons Ltd.

Route 6’s Team Leader John Osborne had an eventful afternoon as he led his GPCC colleagues from the Coventry office to Elsenham in Essex. John had a puncture 30 miles into the 110 mile route, fixed it, only to get another puncture 3 miles later. He had to leave the ride briefly in the support car to find a cycle shop in the local town, before rejoining the group 10 miles down to road. However, that wasn’t to be the only puncture en route either - Kerrie Lucas got that “deflating feeling” at the 90 mile mark, holding the group up for some time. Clearly attention seeking, Kerrie also fell off her bike twice – fortunately only when standing as she forgot to take her clips out. As a result there were no injuries, just wounded pride.

Despite the minor tribulations, the team successfully arrived at the Elsenham postbox to and our thanks go to Legal Clarity, who kindly sponsored this leg of the GPCC.

The third wave of GPCC rider to set out on "Super Saturday" were headed north for Sheffield, for a challenging 100 mile route with a total evaluation of 6,000 feet. Glen Callow’s blog gives a detailed account of the ride, which also involved a “involuntary dismount” 500 yards from the finish line, by team leader Kevin Johns.

Our thanks go to Professional Polishing Services Ltd, who kindly sponsored the Sheffield postbox.

Well done to all the riders and support team who between them successfully and safely completed what was a great day for the Gold Postbox Cycle Challenge.