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October 2013

Prime work with HMRC to enhance employers RTI experience

Prime Accountants Group have recently worked with HMRC to give the government department a better understanding of how RTI works within the workplace.

Feedback from Prime’s Payroll Manager, Kerrie Lucas, was invaluable in giving HMRC a real insight into how their processes and procedures affect a Payroll Bureau. The feedback will be used constructively to assist in the move towards a better RTI experience.

Kerrie commented “It has been great to be given the opportunity to get the voice of payroll professionals across to HMRC which should smooth the path in the future towards making RTI a more payroll friendly regime.

There are many of us who are frustrated with how HMRC have disregarded our worries around how RTI is working, so rather than just having a debate in the office, I felt it would be more constructive for this to be formally discussed directly with HMRC. I was encouraged by how positively our comments were taken on board”

Prime, who have worked with HMRC on a number of pilot projects in the past, are constantly striving for new, more efficient ways of working which, in turn, benefit their clients.

If you have any questions or would like further information about RTI, contact Kerrie today on 02476 518 555.