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October 2015

New scam targeting newly incorporated companies

We have been made aware of a new scam that targets newly incorporated companies. Shortly after incorporation a letter is sent to the new company’s registered office claiming to be from “Register of Companies and Businesses” the wording of the letter is as follows;

“Go to and pay for the publication of your company. Lack of payment will result in lack of entry in the Register of Companies and Businesses.”

The letter requests a payment of £190 and is due one week after incorporation. We can confirm that this is a scam and no payment in required.

Once a company has been formed the registered office is on public record making it easier for fraudsters to contact the business. Prime offers a registered office service where clients can use our office address as their registered office. This not only allows us to deal with official correspondence from HMRC and Companies House on behalf of our clients, without them having to necessarily get involved, but also reduces the amount of junk mail received by the company.