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February 2013

HMRC closes computer systems

Consistent with every year HMRC intends on shutting its computer systems down for a period of at least 3 days in the first week of April 2013. Unfortunately this coincides with the beginning of mandatory filing of Real Time Information (RTI) returns. They exact date of the downtime is still to be confirmed but we would recommend keeping an eye on HMRC’s website for the exact dates.

The shutdown has been subject to a lot of criticism from those within the payroll industry, but HMRC insist that the improvements are necessary and will improve the services offered.

The requirement of RTI is that the data is submitted to HMRC on or before payday. So those who complete weekly payrolls in the new tax year won’t be able to file their RTI submissions before HMRC’s systems are ready to accept them.

There is no need to panic, as HMRC have vowed not to issue fines for late/inaccurate RTI submissions until 2014 (except for the final payment due each year, for which the penalty regime will be the same as the one currently operating for P35/P14).

If you are currently a Prime paysolve client, these changes will not affect you. If you currently run your own payroll then we would suggest preparing for RTI early and if possible submit your return early.

To talk to someone in more detail about your payroll please contact Kerrie Lucas, our payroll manager, on 02476 518 555.