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July 2012

HMRC Campaigns lead to jail

We have recently published many stories regarding specific taskforces HMRC have released in order to investigate certain trade sectors who may be underpaying or not declaring their tax liabilities.

As a result of one specific taskforce a 49 year old plumber from Surrey has recently been jailed. Despite pleading guilty to £50,000 fraudulent tax evasion, Melvyn Careswell was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment at Kingston Crown Court on 20 July 2012.

HMRC are giving everyone who thinks they may have an unpaid tax liability the opportunity to come forward to arrange payment. If you do not come forward and HMRC investigate your affairs and find unpaid tax liabilities you will face higher penalties, which could be 100% of the unpaid tax, or potentially, criminal prosecution.

To talk to someone about this please contact a member of our tax team.