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February 2012

Delivering the future - Client story

EV Innovations is a company with a big vision: to transform the delivery van for the 21st century.

This spring, they launch an electric powered commercial vehicle inspired by the iconic milk-float of the past. Called the Bluebird BE-1, it is designed for delivering in urban and city environments.

“It’s taken six years to develop,” says Commercial Director Michael Boxwell. “The design team started with a blank sheet of paper and came up with a delivery vehicle that is perfect for inner city and urban environments. It costs the same as a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter, has better manoeuvrability, a bigger payload and can save our customers £200 a month in diesel costs.”

Unlike other electric vehicles, range and charge time is not an issue. The Bluebird BE-1 has swappable battery packs. Drivers can return to their depot and swap their batteries for a fresh set in around four minutes and can switch between standard and long range packs depending on how far they need to go.

Production starts this April. “This year, we will sell 150 Bluebird BE-1s and plan to sell several thousand a year by 2015,” says Boxwell.

The design team at EV Innovations are no strangers to building electric vehicles. They previously developed the XDV concept – the precursor to the Modec electric van – and designed the electric Bluebird land speed racers, now piloted by Don Wales, the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Meanwhile, the designers at EV Innovations are already working on their next two projects. The Bluebird Trust has commissioned the development of a brand new electric race car for the new FIA commissioned Formula E series, whilst a new delivery van – codenamed E-GO – is also in development for launch during 2013.

“Our racing pedigree stands us in good stead to advance the development of electric vehicles in general, but we believe the biggest gains for electric vehicles will be in the commercial vehicle world,” says Boxwell. “The E-GO project is very exciting. We’ve redesigned the delivery van concept from the ground up, which in turn redefines how companies can do urban deliveries. Consequently, E-GO can increase the number of deliveries each driver can do by up to one third and reduce driving distances by a quarter.”

The company claims that E-GO will also be extremely cost effective. With a target price of under £10,000, companies will be able to lease and run E-GO for about the same monthly cost as putting fuel into the tank of their existing vans.

As a company that is at the forefront of this area of technology it was crucial to our fast moving business that we partner with a firm of chartered accountants who have the breadth of services on offer to support us, coupled with excellent levels of service. We will need the right advice at the right time in all areas such as tax, funding and timely reporting of our KPIs.

We are therefore extremely pleased to have appointed Prime Chartered Accountants as our accountants and business advisers. Prime have a full range of resources, having invested significantly in the best business use of latest technology, all of which will be put to use in supporting our business as it moves forward. They are big enough to meet all our needs whilst small enough to fully care about us and be completely involved.

Prime’s Tax Director Ruth Chapman said ‘We are very excited to be working with EV Innovations; they have so many areas in which we can add value and quickly see the fruits of our advice’

Investment Opportunity
The company is currently looking for £120,000 to complete the development on E-GO and to put it into production. For more information contact michael.[email protected]

If you would like more information on how Prime could offer your company similar support, please contact [email protected] today