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November 2011

Electricians target for tax man

HMRC continues its targeted campaigns into tradespeople, this time with the focus being on Electricians.

The Electricians Tax Safe Plan (ETSP) begins in February 2012 and builds on HMRCs recent plumbers' campaign, providing an opportunity for electricians to come forward and declare any unpaid tax.  

To date, the Tax Safe Plan has generated an additional £1.98m with more expected once final disclosures are made.  It is therefore no surprise that HMRC will continue to employ similar tactics this time round too.

HMRC defines an electrician or electrical fitter as 'anyone who installs, maintains and tests electrical systems, equipment and appliances under stringent safety regulations.'

It remains to be seen if HMRC hold information relating to these tradespeople as they did in the case of the Plumbers Tax Safe Plan where HMRC acquired details from Corgi and Gas Safe in order to identify those potentially with an unpaid tax liability.

We would strongly recommend all electricians to consider their tax position and to talk to an adviser if they are in any doubt about unpaid taxes.