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April 2013

Cyber attacks on small businesses rise

There has been a drastic rise in the number of Cyber attacks on small businesses this year.
According to research that questioned 1,402 UK organisations of all sizes in both public and private sector 63% of small businesses have been attacked by an “unauthorised outsider”. 9% of small businesses know that outsiders have stolen their intellectual property or confidential data in the last year (up from 4% a year ago).

An example of such attacks would be denial-of-service attacks where attackers attempt to flood the targets with large amounts of traffic in an attempt to make it crash. It is reported that 23% of small business were attacked in this way last year, a rise from 15% in the previous year.

The Technology Strategy Board has extended a scheme to allow small and medium businesses to bid for up to £5,000 from a £500,000 pot available through “Innovation Vouchers” to improve their cyber security by bringing in outside expertise. For more information please see here.

One of our clients has experienced a cyber attack and had data held to ransom, although the issue was resolved and the data was eventually made secure, business should make arrangements to prevent a treat from ever being possible.

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