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July 2014

As if cycling 3600 miles wasn't enough...

You would think that after last year's amazing efforts, cycling over 3600 miles across the UK to visit the homes of the 63 Gold Olympic postboxes, this would be enough for the staff at Prime Accountants Group, but no, 11 dusted off their bicycles again this weekend to take part in the Dynamic 100 ride raising yet more money for MacMillan Cancer. 

And to try and raise a few extra pounds for the firm's chosen charity in 2013-14, five male members of the team volunteered to have their legs waxed too, in advance of the bike ride.

The five, Matt Given, Ian Jeffrey, Nick Baker, Glen Callow and Kevin Johns, donned their lycra and suffered the pain of having their legs waxed, up to their knee by mobile beauty therapists, Scarlett Charlton and Isabel Dolan of Belle's Beauty.

Scarlett Charlton said, "When we heard about what was planned and it was raising money for MacMillan Cancer, we were pleased to give up our own time to do the waxing."

Both Scarlett and Isabel work full time for local retailers in Solihull town centre and in the evenings and at weekends run Belle's Beauty.