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October 2014

VAT taskforce

HMRC, over the past six months, have become even more aggressive in their approach to those businesses and individuals that are finding themselves in a VAT repayment position.

RTI penalties for small employers delayed

HMRC have confirmed that employers with fewer than 50 employees will face automated in-year penalties for late real-time PAYE returns from 6 March 2015 which is later than had originally been anticipated.

HMRC RTI year end reconciliation fails thousands of taxpayers

HMRC admitted on 9 October 2014 that thousands of people may have received incorrect tax calculations for the year 2013-14 because their annual reconciliation of PAYE accounts has failed to accurately determine employees' tax positions.

Need to know...... from start up to SME

Prime, in conjunction with Solihull Chamber, will be holding a need to know event entitled 'From start up to SME' on 13 November at our Solihull office.

VAT for digital businesses and the Mini One Stop Shop

The one-stop VAT service starts from 1 January 2015 for businesses supplying what are collectively known as ‘digital services’ in the EU. The effect of the measures are that a business will not have to account and pay VAT separately in each country where they do business which would otherwise be the case following a change in the place of supply rule.