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September 2014

HMRC to issue penalties for late submission of PAYE returns

In the latest Employer Bulletin HMRC are warning that employers’ who fail to submit their PAYE submissions, Full Payment Submission (FPS) or where appropriate Employer Payment Summary (EPS) on time will face penalties. The penalties are being introduced from October 2014.

HMRC warn of incorrect RTI letters

HMRC have warned that incorrect RTI letters have been issued. The full statement reads:

HMRC latest disclosure opportunity

HMRC have announced the details of their latest disclosure opportunity which is expected to give approximately 16,000 tax avoidance scheme users the opportunity to pay the tax they owe.

HMRC to close down EBT settlement regime

HMRC have continued to contest that remuneration trusts (EBT's, EFRBS etc) do not work and over recent years there has been something of a game of cat and mouse.

HMRC targets employers with fewer than 50 employees with RTI late payment penalties

HMRC have confirmed that from 6 March 2015, employers with fewer than 50 employees, will be subject to automated in year fines for late payment of PAYE.

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