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VAT penalties - Directors made liable

Between 2008 and 2012 the VAT penalty rules were reconsidered by HMRC. But in order to ensure everyone pays the right amount, the old rules may still be applied under the following criteria:

Child benefit tax charge

The taxation of child benefit, despite being somewhat controversial, is being implemented by the Government. The scheme is set to commence from 7 January 2013 for the 2012/13 tax year and for the first year of the charge the full amount of income for 2012-13 will be taken into account.

IHT planning

Although we may not like to think about life after death, considering inheritance tax (IHT) and planning accordingly could save your beneficiaries from paying more tax than required.

Solihull College award evening 2012

Prime director John Osborne recently presented the Prime Chartered Accountants award at this years Solihull College’s graduation ceremony.

Check your National Insurance number

HMRC have announced a new procedure whereby individuals can email them for written confirmation of their National Insurance number using form CA5403.

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