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HMRC targets rental property sector in South East

HMRC has announced details of another taskforce, this time targeting tax cheats in the rental property sector in the South East.

HMRC Checklist for EC VAT registration numbers

HMRC have issued a revised Notice 725, The Single Market, which includes a useful checklist (see section 16.19) to enable businesses to help spot incorrect VAT registration numbers at a glance.

RTI – Closing payroll schemes

HMRC are about to write to employers who they believe have a payroll scheme which is not being used. The letters are being sent in preparation for the introduction of RTI as HMRC are planning to close any payroll schemes which they believe are no longer needed.

Plans for a new type of employment contract

Chancellor George Osborne has announced a new type of employment contract to be known as an employee-owner. Under the new contract employees will be able exchange some of their UK employment rights for shares in the business they work for. Gains on the disposal of the shares will be exempt from capital gains tax.

A simple Research and Development questionnaire

If the answer is “YES” to ANY of these questions then your company may be able to claim substantial cash back from HM Revenue & Customs.

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