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June 2012

Salary sacrifice and state pension age

HMRC are having to revise its salary sacrifice rules and guidance, having discovered that these conflict with the forthcoming rules on auto-enrolment.

Flexible working during the Olympics?

Many employers are reported to be looking at flexible working during the period of the Olympics, given the disruption in travel that some are predicting. If you are thinking of this, you may be interested in a report by O2 who held a one-day flexible working initiative on 8 February to test its contingency plans to manage expected travel disruption and delays during the Olympics.

HMRC's basic PAYE tools update

HMRC have released a new version of the Basic PAYE Tools which reflect the Budget 2012 changes. The May 2012 version allows employers access to the recent HMRC PAYE guidance. The latest version is

Tax credits renewal deadline

Tax credits are state benefits which are generally available to lower income families.  However, entitlement to the credits is significantly increased where individuals pay for childcare or suffer a drop in normal levels of income perhaps due to incurring trading losses or redundancy.

HMRC Bereavement Service

HMRC have created a new dedicated telephone helpline and address for individuals who have suffered a bereavement and who need to contact them about PAYE and self assessment matters relating to bereavement.

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