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February 2012

Employing temporary workers for the Olympics

HMRC are warning employers who plan to take on more staff for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to check their 'labour providers'.  These 'labour providers' are agencies that supply temporary workers to meet seasonal and market demand and are sometimes called 'gangmasters'.

Business Records Check program suspended

HMRC has announced that its business records check (BRC) program is to be suspended until the new tax year, when they will implement a new approach.

Prime is hiring

At Prime we are changing our departmental and staffing structure slightly to acknolwledge the demand for our Virtual Accounts Office services.

Tax collected from investigations doubles

An interesting article in the FT today reveals that tax investigations into big businesses’ tax affairs are yielding almost twice as much as five years ago.

Commercial Property Seminar

Prime joined with D&P Holt to deliver a well-received seminar about Commercial Property investment tonight, in Prime's Coventry office.

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