Prime’s Space Hopperathon

16 Aug 2018

Here at Prime we’ve been busy thinking of another crazy and challenging idea to raise some money, as a team, for our charities. 

On Saturday 8th September we will be taking part in Prime’s Space Hopperathon!

We will be bouncing, on space hoppers, from our offices in Coventry and Solihull, to the Hatton Arms pub in Hatton. The routes are approximately 13 miles and teams will leave each office simultaneously at 7am, with an estimated bouncing time of around 10 hours!

At all times the team will ensure that someone is bouncing on the space hopper so the entire 13 mile distance is bounced.

A team of 20 bouncers have volunteered to take part and in preparation our offices are full of 30 space hoppers, which we have ordered in preparation. The team have undergone extensive training on the space hoppers, some doing as much as 2 whole minutes! On a serious note, the challenge is set to push participants physically as they will not only bounce for an estimated 2 hours each, but also walk the remaining distance.

Prime takes its role within the wider community seriously and has donated time and money to implement a number of fundraising and charity projects over the years. We appreciate the efforts our team go through in order to support these activities and the charities we support.

Obviously we are undertaking this challenge to raise money for our nominated charities, Zoe’s Place and SoLO. Each participant is doing their own fundraising but if you wanted to donate to the team as a whole it would be greatly received on our fundraising page, accessible here.

The routes are approximately 13 miles a with an estimated bouncing time of around 10 hours!"