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Check of employer records

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30 May 2017

  • Contact Prime Today

    Contact Prime Today

    The Prime Paysolve payroll team manages and administers payroll for companies throughout the UK. Contact our payroll team about your requirements.

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Most businesses will agree that managing the payroll and understanding the ever-changing legislation that affects this function of your business can be frustrating and time-consuming. Prime Payroll provides a complete payroll solution to take away as much or as little of this burden as you wish and is one of the few firms of accountants that is a registered BACS Bureau.

When compared to the expense of system upgrades and staff training, outsourcing your payroll can prove to be extremely cost-effective. Payments can be made straight into your employees’ bank accounts by BACS and confidential or e-payslips provided. And, if you wish, your PAYE/NIC will be paid to HMRC automatically each month by BACS to avoid costly late payment penalties.

Prime Paysolve payroll services can provide your business with:

  • Reduced overheads – no need for specialist staff or costly software
  • Great flexibility – tailored services to meet requirements for weekly, four weekly or monthly pay, and to cater for overtime payments and holiday pay
  • Complete confidentiality – especially important for handling senior managers' and directors' pay
  • Excellent service levels – access to a professional payroll team to respond to your queries
  • Easy to read reports - tailored to your needs and meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • A total payroll service – providing you with payroll entry information and the ability to update your accounting system for you

As the legislation governing PAYE and NIC becomes more complex, it is possible that errors or omissions are made which could lead to late-payment penalties or further enquiries from other HMRC departments or even a full PAYE investigation. Our payroll services can accommodate all your payroll requirements, ensuring that your PAYE is always accurate and on time. We will also prepare your end of year Returns and make certain that you meet all your compliance obligations.

P11Ds and P11D(B)

As part of our payroll service we can undertake the preparation of forms P11Ds and form P11D(B), calculate the Class 1A liabilities and submit these to HMRC within the statutory time limits. We can also provide advice as to pay packages involving benefits in kind to minimise tax and NIC wherever possible. 

Call Prime Today - we're here to help

For more details read 'Why Prime Payroll?’, ‘Payroll for Construction Companies' or our Frequently Asked Questions, email or call the Paysolve team.

Coventry - 024 7651 8555 or Solihull - 0121 711 2468