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September 2011

Virtual accounts office - It makes sense

What is a Virtual Accounts Office ?

Well in a way it's not virtual, it's real. Real people in a real office, but our office instead of yours.

What's so good about that? Well we have to provide the service 24/7 so no worries about sickness and holidays ..... we can do that as we have enough staff to cover. We provide the computers, the software, the know how, the telephone ......

Telephone? Yes, we supply a dedicated number for your suppliers and customers to ring if they have queries about their account. 

We can also pay your suppliers by BACS, after you have approved the payments.

I can hear you say that it won't work because you need to raise the sales invoices .... no problem as we both access the same accounts data sitting securely in the cloud. If you need and use a specialist system, that's OK, we host it on our servers or we remotely logon to yours - whatever suits.

If it's so good it must cost a fortune? No, it is likely to cost less than you hiring the accounts staff and buying the software.

If you look at the diagram carefully above you will see that it makes sense!

You know it makes sense, Rodney. 

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