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January 2014

Top business tips for 2014

As we look forward to the forthcoming year the businesses most likely to succeed are those that have a defined strategy and consider all elements of their business, even those that are out of their “comfort-zone”. Here Prime director, Jamie Skelding, gives an insight to his top tips for 2014…

Make use of the cloud
Embracing the cloud can make the running of your business more efficient. More accessibility to data allows it to be leveraged, significantly increasing the value derived from that information. Data kept in the cloud is arguably more secure than that held locally and is automatically backed up etc. However, it’s important that you carry out due diligence on proposed cloud partners before using them.

Know what your customers think of you and make improvements
How do you know if customers are satisfied without asking them? Can you afford to muddle along in the dark, thinking all is OK? Here at Prime we recently carried out an online client survey to identify any areas that could be improved.

Define a direction for your business – regularly review and adjust accordingly
Take a step back and think about the direction you want your business to be going in. Once you know this, make sure you carry out regular reviews. You need to put the necessary systems in place to provide you with the data required for this. “What you can measure, you can improve”!

Develop a marketing plan that supports your intended business direction
Once you’ve agreed the direction for your business, develop a marketing plan that takes an integrated approach. Try different campaigns and measure their success to see what works – you want to know you are getting a return on your investment.

Strive to motivate / train your employees – they are your sales force!
Motivated and well trained employees will ultimately help your business grow. The ‘buzz’ amongst your staff will be passed on in their contact with your customers.

Prime's Directors own and run the business, so first and foremost are businessmen themselves, running an accountancy practice. If you would like to talk to Prime about your business, please contact us today on 02476 518 555 or [email protected]

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