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July 2013

The training routine of a support driver

So my athletic colleagues are spending several hours a week in the saddle getting in as much training as possible before the challenge commences. And Bloody Kevin (see Morgan’s blog) talks about nothing else but the Gold Postbox Cycle Challenge.

So what's it like for those of us providing a support driver role? Well we might not get the public recognition or our photo on the facebook page but I can tell you its not a walk in the park. Its a very necessary even critical role that the support driver provides, after all the "athletes" can only manage one way, we have to do both there and back, and I can tell you I'm not looking forward to a car full of sweaty moaning bicyclists all the way back from Penzance!

So, as a support driver I have donned my leather driving gloves and committed to a rigorous regime with two training sessions per day minimum! Today, I managed four separate sessions (Home-Office, Office-Client, Client-Office, Office-Home), that is dedication. Some training sessions have even been without the aid of a SAT NAV!

So far in my training schedule I haven't got lost, fallen off my car and haven't got saddle sore, or had a puncture (fingers crossed). Don't get me wrong its not all easy going, I have to sit on a well padded contoured seat, in a climate controlled environment with a great stereo and several cup holders (the ones that fold out - pure class!). I have even trained with the heated seats on and air con off, and vice versa to get acclimatised to all the different conditions we might encounter. I have even switched from auto to manual gear changes to really test my hand eye co-ordination (and to break the monotony).

As well as bringing the bicyclists back from their trip to the post-boxes, as support driver I will also be a mobile repair shop, food shop, water cooler, official photographer and general dogsbody, but its all about teamwork and it really is creating a buzz about the office, and with clients and contacts, and its great to be part of that, without the need for physical exertion.

So please don't forget the valuable role support drivers provide, were not asking for cash donations, but the odd can of diesel wouldn’t go amiss! And we are flatly refusing to wear lycra, except for Laurence, who is quite looking forward to that part!

Vroom Vroom!

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