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Morgan Davies

My thoughts on the “CBI Quarterly SME Trends Survey”

Positive outlook
In 2010 I started writing a regular blog, the first one looked at how some of our clients had reacted to the recession and managed to trade successfully. The plan was to look at how clients manage change in those times of uncertainty and share their stories. Well this is the long awaited second instalment, because I never got round to writing another one!

Top tips for freelancers

Having recently met with several freelance contractors, I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips for stress free finances.

GPCC video from Leeds ride

Day 2 of the Gold Postbox Cycle Challenge ride through stunning Yorkshire.

Bl**dy Kevin

Bl**dy Kevin is going to be a phrase said a lot in the coming months by the team at Prime, probably more than usual. That's because he has come up with an ingenious challenge, where the team at Prime, with a few guests and friends, are going to cycle to every one of the gold Olympic postboxes given to the gold medal winners during the 2012 Olympics. That's 62 of them and nearly 4000 miles of pedalling... Bl**dy Kevin!

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