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After waving off Kevin and co from Solihull on Thursday as they went in search of the Sark postbox, hearing that they had made it successfully to their first box at Hamble-Le-Rice on Friday, as well as the news that we have more post box sponsors, motivation was high for the team that were to set off towards Stotfold to tick off another 2 boxes.

Sharon Jeffery - Alcester ride

It was just a normal day in the world of the Prime Accountants Group until around 4.30pm, all of a sudden there was a fantastic buzz that made everyone move away from their desks; it was the launch of our Gold Postbox Cycle Challenge and the first route was about to start!

UK Xero advisory group

I have recently been invited to be a member of the UK Xero advisory group, trendily referred to by the name XPAC (Xero Partner Advisory Committee) - great to have input into the future direction of Xero. Please see here for more information.

Budget 2013 Video Summary

After delivering two very well received Budget update seminars last week, Ruth Chapman, Prime's tax Director, covers the "need to know" points of interest in the video above.

Helping out in the Kitchen

One of Prime's clients recently successfully sold their company and celebrated by inviting all the advisors involved in the sale to London.

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