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Kevin Johns

Rules of the office

As more and more offices become open plan, it becomes essentially important to think of others.   Each office needs its own rules, whether rules of etiquette, behaviour or timekeeping.

Coffee trade show

There’s something quite relaxing about sitting down with your favourite hot drink. Whether its tea or coffee everyone’s definition of “perfect” is different.

Latest job figures

The latest job figures are disappointing showing that the West Midlands has the highest unemployment rate in the UK. The Office for National Statistics said that for the three months ending November 2017, the region’s unemployment is 5.5 per cent while the national figure remained at 4.3 per cent.

Prime Director presented keynote speech at international conference

Prime’s head of Forensic Accounting, Adrian Pym, was invited to present a paper at the Four Jurisdictions Family Law Conference 2018, held in Dublin at the end of January.

Shopping Ethically

A report carried out by one of the Chamber’s members, EY, shows that for 78% of shoppers, price is still the most important factor when purchasing a product.

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