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Jamie Skelding

Prime staff conference highlights 2017

This month saw Prime host its annual staff conference at the Heart of England Centre in Meriden. The staff conference brings together all employees from across the Prime group for an informative and rewarding event.

How reliable is your sage software, what would you do if suddenly you couldn’t access any information?

SAGE is in the process of withdrawing support on software versions purchased prior to 2014. This means that if you are currently using SAGE software purchased prior to this date and encounter corruption, you will no longer be eligible to receive assistance from SAGE. This can cause an array of problems and result in a permanent  loss of information which would be costly or impossible  to put right.

Road works around Whitley Business Park

For those of you local to Coventry or have visited our Coventry office recently you will be aware of the roadwork’s surrounding the London Road roundabout / A444. We appear to be approaching the end of this work and the results will only benefit traffic flow to and from Whitley Business Park.

Top business tips for 2014

As we look forward to the forthcoming year the businesses most likely to succeed are those that have a defined strategy and consider all elements of their business, even those that are out of their “comfort-zone”. Here Prime director, Jamie Skelding, gives an insight to his top tips for 2014…

A week in the life of... a Payroll Manager

Our Payroll manager, Kerrie Lucas, was asked to write an article on my working week for the November issue of “Payroll Professional” the monthly magazine from CIPP.

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