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May 2012

Team collaboration using Evernote and Dropbox

Evernote is a great way of tidying up your personal filing but it is not really designed as a tool for team collaboration.

However, when our tax department was recently looking to improve the way that knowledge and research results are shared internally I looked at Evernote to see whether there was a way we could easily use it.
Evernote allows a premium user to share a notebook with others, allowing them to view only or view and edit.
So we set the tax team members up with free Evernote accounts and I setup a Tax Knowledge notebook and shared it with them.
So far so good but we hit a problem that they could not easily add notes (particularly files) to the shared notebook.
But we finally developed a solution to it which works well - this is what we did.
Web clipping was easy as the web clipper allows you to clip to a shared notebook so that was sorted fine.
Sending emails to the shared notebooks works by giving them my Evernote upload email address and they add "@Tax Knowledge" to the subject line. That sends them straight there rather than to my default personal notebook.
The challenge was adding files straight in there without having to attach them to emails and email them in.
To do that we set up a free shared Dropbox folder. On my PC I set my Evernote to monitor that folder and as soon as anything is added to it (by any of the team) it uploads it to the shared notebook and deletes it from the Dropbox folder. Once my Evernote has synchronised with the 'net and then theirs has, they can see the file in the shared notebook.
Quite a neat solution using Dropbox and Evernote synchronisation together. All for the cost of one premium Evernote account (which I already had).
We will probably now roll this out to the other departments that need to share knowledge.

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