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October 2017

Solihull News Column 5th October 2017

Traffic congestion is an ongoing issue in Solihull, although it’s fair to say that it’s not just the borough where build-up of traffic hampers people getting to work, to school and to meetings. So it’s with great delight that I read that there will be massive improvements to public transport over the next decade.

The plan is known as the Advanced Quality Bus Partnership and includes an extension to the Midland Metro light rail system from Digbeth through North Solihull to the proposed Birmingham Airport/HS2 interchange.

At the same time, there will be major improvements to M42 Junction 6, so it is ready for HS2 and the UK Central Hub development, which is a scheme to link everything of significance in Solihull together, including the airport, HS2, the NEC, Birmingham Business Park and Jaguar Land Rover.

This connectivity is fantastic news and exactly what is required to ease traffic flow and so have more productive working days and a better work life balance for all!

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