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July 2016

Why Prime uses a secure document exchange portal

Here at Prime we have always seen ourselves as a forward thinking firm that keeps up with current trends and embraces new technology and the new ways of working.

Unfortunately for all the benefits and new opportunities technology has presented the modern day business, new opportunities are also presenting themselves to criminals. The modern day business needs to be aware of the threat posed by criminals operating over the web. It has been too easy for us all to send emails to clients and attach documents without taking security measures.

In recent times there has be an increase in fraudsters who impersonate others in an attempt to steal from others. As a result internet users aren’t as trusting as they once were and new regulations (such as EU Data Protection Regulation of 2014) have been introduced. Prime has seen this as an opportunity to again innovate. As a way of adapting to this threat Prime has implemented a client portal to securely exchange confidential documents and this manner of working is now the default.

The client portal is part of our strategy to embrace technology and it is a strong differentiator. We believe that it is important for us to be up to speed and one step ahead of fraudsters. The electronic exchange of documents allows us to be consistent and to provide a standardised approach to client service.

In this video Prime Director, Laurence Moore discusses how and why we have implemented this secure document exchange system.

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