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June 2017

Second Hand Cars for Business? A REAL Alternative!

I’m Chris, the founder of a Solihull based business with an International customer base. In the last 12 months, I’ve seen my business grow at a phenomenal rate based on growing Independent feedback and an ever increasing online presence.

I now run the UK’s largest car sourcing service by turnover. This financial year, I expect we will source in excess of £3 million worth of cars for private and business customers both here in the UK and overseas. I’m now proud to boast customers not only here in mainland UK, but also in Ireland, Channel Islands, Malta, Cyprus, Pakistan and even as far afield as New Zealand, but one thing stands out more than anything else, It’s the rise in customers seeking a second hand vehicle for business use, whether that’s as a pool car, a company car or a commercial use vehicle.

Of course, the main part of my business is sourcing trade priced cars for my private use customers. But more and more businesses are realising the savings that can be had by using a car sourcing service like mine.

The benefits are obvious, consider this… Instead of buying a brand new vehicle on lease, why not buy a 1 to 3-year-old vehicle that’s already lost its forecourt depreciation and is owned within the business giving you an asset you can dispose of at the end of your business use.

VAT Qualifying and Commercial VAT vehicles enable VAT registered businesses to reclaim the VAT until the resale, and buying via auction through a car sourcing service, like Flipping Cars, means you get to buy at trade value with trade buyer fees with all the usual extras you most likely want, like warranties and finance.

Those looking for vans, can access ex AA, RAC and British Gas vehicles with racking already in place or ply lined transits or Vivaro’s or even crossover vehicles such a Mitsubishi L200s and Nissan Navaras when off roading might be required. Eco friendly businesses can buy Nissan Leafs or Hybrids for pool cars & Businesses who have mobile sales teams or who want executive cars can access nearly new ex lease vehicles ranging from modest Passats and Insignias, through to BMWs and Mercs and all the way up to the directors Jags, Porsche and Range Rovers.

I’ve even had business customers want Defenders for overseas adventure companies, Tipper trucks for builders, motorcycles for couriers and minibuses for clubs.

So, when it’s time for your business to add to its fleet, or whether you just want a single car for your own business use, consider using Flipping Cars and save some money on your next business car purchase.

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