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August 2015

Saving clients' time with BACS

As accountants we live and breathe numbers, small numbers, larger numbers, informative numbers and unexpected numbers. As you would imagine, there really is very little that we haven’t seen or done before.

However when processing our latest BACS payment of £1.2 million for PAYE liabilities on behalf of payroll clients, this number did catch our eye. As a registered BACS bureau we can make payments for clients, from their bank account, to not only their employees but suppliers and HMRC also.

Prime’s Virtual Accounts Office service looks after clients' complete internal accounting and bookkeeping requirements allowing SME owners to concentrate their time most effectively, our unique BACS service is an example of this.

For more information on our VAO service please contact us today on 0121 711 2468 or 02476 518 555.

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