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June 2015

Road works around Whitley Business Park

For those of you local to Coventry or have visited our Coventry office recently you will be aware of the roadwork’s surrounding the London Road roundabout / A444. We appear to be approaching the end of this work and the results will only benefit traffic flow to and from Whitley Business Park.

On Monday 6th July a new slip road will be opened off the northbound A444 into Whitley Business Park. Having accomplished this, it will allow work to be undertaken to tie in the existing slip road from London Road Island into the carriageway of the new bridge. However to do this the existing slip road leading from London Road Island will need to closed.

This will mean that all traffic entering Whitley Business Park will be required to use the new slip road. Vehicles travelling from the south will merge onto the slip road. However vehicles normally travelling from London Road Island will be required to travel to Festival Island and turn to return northbound and access the site or plan a new route to take them to Festival Island.

The existing left-turn bypass to the London road roundabout will remain open for traffic coming from the Asda roundabout.

When visiting the Coventry office you may want to allow yourself extra time to access the site. This closure is likely to remain in place for a minimum of two weeks.

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