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February 2015

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Prime’s marketing assistant, Jonathan Stobart, will be flying off to compete in an international downhill ice skating competition this week, sounds dangerous? We thought so, here Jonathan explains how he got there…

Away from the office I am a keen ice hockey player having played for over 14 years,
I have been aware of Red Bull’s “Crashed Ice” competition for a few years now and tend to apply to take part year on year with zero success. This year was no exception, having applied at the beginning of the year I heard through social media that the accepted applicants had been notified to take part in trials this year in Sheffield, I on the other hand had not heard anything. That was until the day before trials I received a phone call from Red Bull explaining there had been a late drop out and would I still be interested in attending a trial… I cancelled my weekend’s plans and made my way to Sheffield the very next day.

There was an initial time trial round to qualify to take part in a series of knock out races until an eventual top ten was finalised, who would go on to the next round in Belfast. I managed to navigate my way around the course and set a time which qualified me for the knock out round. Now I was getting excited.

The races were fast and furious and after skating through the opening couple of rounds I was eliminated in the quarterfinal stage by two people who would go on to make the top ten. I was presented with one final opportunity to qualify as part of a “fastest losers race”, which after a lot of pushing and shoving and the odd bit of skating, I won and sent me to Belfast! Considering the day before I wasn’t even going to Sheffield, booking a flight to Belfast all seems a bit surreal.

The course in Belfast is 450meters long and we can expect to reach speeds of up to 65km/h. The jumps and turns are designed to be challenging for riders and entertaining for spectators… and by entertaining for spectators, I mean dangerous and painful for riders. Although I will have further rounds of qualification with athletes from all over UK and Europe when I arrive in Belfast, the prize is to skate on Saturday night in front of a crowd expected to reach 40,000 people against skaters from all over the world. I don’t know if I’m more excited or scared.

I would like to thank Prime for supporting me in this trip and hope to come back with all my bones intact and a good story to tell, stay tuned…

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