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July 2011

Music or Maths?

My old piano teacher once told me that you often find that musicians are good at maths.... or she may have said that mathematicians are often good musicians (which now makes me wonder whether it makes a difference which way round she said it ...)

Anyway, sadly, in a way, I was better at maths than music so after my degree I found myself training to be an accountant rather than playing keyboards on stage at the NEC (as it was called then).
It was probably the safer choice as far as reliable income was concerned even if not so much fun (its great fun now, by the way).

I was reminded of this last week when I went to see young Coventry musical talent The Tones in Earlsdon 
Prime has been appointed to advise the lads on their journey towards the national and international recognition they deserve as great songwriters and a great live act.

I guess that when they got in contact my heart fluttered and memories from 30 years ago came back, wondering if they needed a new keyboard player but no - it was the maths they were after. #nevertoooldtodream

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