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February 2018

Latest job figures

The latest job figures are disappointing showing that the West Midlands has the highest unemployment rate in the UK. The Office for National Statistics said that for the three months ending November 2017, the region’s unemployment is 5.5 per cent while the national figure remained at 4.3 per cent.

We have some outstanding companies in Solihull which are struggling against some challenging issues like Brexit and the anti diesel campaign. Some may be creating record numbers of new jobs but another big challenge is to ensure that local people are skilled for and able to access these jobs.

Businesses must ensure that they communicate to local schools, colleges and universities, the skills and qualifications that they need.

Nationally, the Government should make it easier for employers to invest in upskilling their staff. In particular by reducing the administrative burden that reformed apprenticeship funding places on small businesses, and to ensure that levy-paying businesses are able to make the best use of the Apprenticeship Levy.

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