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June 2013

Kerrie Lucas - Why am I doing this to myself

Why am I doing this to myself?

I would say I am quite competitive…..Sorry I have just been sniggered at by my teenage daughter when she read this and I have to change that quote….

I would say I am extremely competitive….

I like to get involved in anything especially if it is based around sport, teamwork, fitness, socialising etc…

So when I was asked to be a member of Prime’s Charity Fundraising working party this year I jumped at the chance as I along with my colleague Colette White were able to choose Primes Charity for the year. I was keen to get as much money raised as possible.

Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity that is close to my heart as I have lost family to the awful illness and have seen both my mum and a very good friend battle through with such courage I feel that their inspiration will get me through this challenge.

During our brainstorming meeting to see what we could do to maximise the funds we could raise this year Kevin threw the Golden Postbox idea into the mix. The four of us in the room immediately lit up with enthusiasm for what I can only call a completely crazy idea… We were all sold and started planning straight away, and true to form the spreadsheets were flowing between us with lists, routes, action plans...

What cycling have I done?

I am keen on all sports; running, football, netball and I have dabbled with cycling on and of over the years but never to the extent of what this challenge is expecting out of me. I own a mountain bike and do go out on this with my daughter for leisurely rides and mountain bike trails when we holiday in the UK.

My first thought was, I will do this challenge on my mountain bike.

Four weeks ago I went out on my first training ride, 15 miles, which I thought was quite reasonable, it was hard work, challenging on my body and legs but I felt really good afterwards.

Then I looked on Strava, an app we are all using to track our rides to see how our colleagues are getting on and oh dear; my competitive nature came out and saw the speeds my colleagues were doing on their newly purchased hybrid and road bikes . They were averaging between 12-15 miles per hour, I at this time was averaging 8. I had to sort this out…

So of I popped to the bike shop and not only purchased what I would call a ‘beautiful’ road bike I even opted for the clip in shoes and pedals as well.

My plan was to spend the evening riding up and down my road testing the clips , whilst getting used to the new riding position. Again this wasn’t enough for me as I wanted to go faster. I went for a 10 mile ride and it felt amazing. I was in love with cycling. You know the feeling when you drive a go-kart, you may be only going 10 miles an hour, but you feel like you are going 50 as you are so close to the ground. Well this new bent over riding position made me feel like I could fly…..

Since then I have been trying to go out at least every other day and have done distances of between 15- 30 miles each time.

This weekend was my first big ride with Paislei we managed 80 miles on Saturday, I felt quite good and am keen to increase the mileage as I am lead rider on the Isle of Mann route. I must be bonkers….

The only issue I am having is fitting this in around family life but I am getting my daughter to come out riding as well, in fact she is better at the hills than me (its an age thing) so she is proving to be a good training partner.

I am constantly eating at the moment as well but also spending my lunch breaks looking for cycling clothes and researching recipes for food that will help me with energy for my training and recovery.

What is happening to me? I used to spend this time looking for dresses and shoes…… I even got excited when what I can only describe is a black catsuit with a nappy arrived in the post…. This item has been my saving grace on my very tiny bike seat.

The support from everyone at Prime is amazing; we are all encouraging each other, riders and non riders alike, its taking over my life…..

I think this challenge is absolutely fantastic and I hope we can raise a lot of money for a great charity.

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